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... a boutique design studio, based in Park City, Summit County; the back of the Wasatch Mountains in Northern Utah.
We specialize in Utah stock photos and new media production... digital imagery for visual communications; pre-press and web content.
Our digital art is collected world wide and can be seen/purchased in many galleries throughout the Western USA.
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Facebook Page admins loose important function...

View (Photo) Comments Function on Facebook Pages

Restore View Photo Comment function on Facebook Pages

Re-post via Bill Warren
ATTN: Fanpage Administrators !!! Send FB a message!

A recent unannounced platform change by FB eliminated the *view photo comments* function on business/fanpages.

Many professional photographers relied exclusively on this function to show and sell their work to visitors, fans and customers on their business/fanpages.

Join the group! Restore Photo Comments Function on Business/Fanpages!

There is strength in numbers and with the additional support gained thru these new posts we should be close to 1500 members (ed. over 2,000 as of this post) in just a little while.

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Photography & Design by Steven Wittenberg
30 years experience in visual communications....


specialtist in digital imagery for print or web content,
advertising or editorial features & sports/recreation/lifestyle,
graphic design for web /print marketing collateral,
QTVR 360º panoramas & virtual tours,
Utah stock photos for licensed commercial use,
Park City location photography, event photographer


Gen. mgr. LaCrosse Area Visitor magazine
photography: staff photographer for the LaCrosse Tribune,
published by: Associated Press, River City Guide,
Salt Lake Tribune, Wasatch Sports Guide,
Kimball Junction Journal, Park Record,
Park City magazine (formerly: Lodestar)
This Week in Park City magazine.

Fine art photography has been shown in numerous shows,
Including the PumpHouse Regional Art Center in LaCrosse, Wis.
& the Kimball Art Center in Park City, Utah,
Utah Artist Hands Gallery in SLC, Utah.
-- collected internationally & throughout the US.

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MeanPony Productions is a digital design / visual communications studio based in Park City, Utah.
Contact us for your visual communications projects. We'll be glad to give you an assessment & estimate for implementation of your visual communications project.

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